‪FASD‬ and Praise (Part 4 of 4) – Working with People-Pleasers

‪FASD and Praise: Working with People-Pleasers Kids with FASD who “people please” are often a pleasure to be around, but we need to help them internalize praise, too. Even though they don’t outright reject praise, it doesn’t stay with them either, so it’s hard for them to build healthy self-esteem just like the praise rejectors, … Read more

‪‎FASD‬ and Praise (Part 3 of 4) – Proper Praise Patterns

‪‎FASD‬ and Praise – How Much Praise to Give Improving FASD and Praise. Use your kid’s reactions to praise to make adjustments in how much praise to give and how to make positive adjustments along the way. This will begin to build true self-esteem. I’m sharing specific strategies to improve your kid’s acceptance of praise based … Read more

FASD and Praise (Part 2 of 4) – Do They Accept or Reject Praise?

FASD and Praise: Do They Accept or Reject Praise? How does your kid with FASD react to praise? Are you getting the results you want? There are four levels of praise responses for FASD and Praise. There are four levels of praise responses: A-Accepts praise B-Rejects praise verbally C-Rejects praise with hostility D… Watch the … Read more

FASD and Praise (Part 1 of 4) – The Correct Way to Praise

FASD and Praise: The Correct Way to Praise FASD and Praise can be a real challenge for about 70% of kids with FASD. Here’s a quick introduction on re-orienting how you can praise a child with FASD or developmental trauma and minimize the arguments, rejection and melt-downs. It’s the basis or foundation for building self-esteem, … Read more

FASD Elephant™ #011: The Secondary Disabilities of FASD

People with FASD (including FAS) have both primary and secondary disabilities. Secondary disabilities are those disabilities that arise because of a mismatch between the brain damage and factors in the environment–they are not directly caused from the brain damage. Secondary disabilities are usually the hardest part of FASD once we’ve grieved and accepted the primary … Read more