Podcast Relaunch Gives You More FASD Help

Do You Need “More” on Fetal Alcohol?

If you’re anything like me, then the answer is YES, and the 2014 FASD Elephant™ Podcast Relaunch is here to help you!

  • More Podcasts – Information & ideas from me as a psychologist
  • More Blogging – Thoughts & ideas from me as a foster parent
  • More Resources – Reviews & info of websites, products, books & more
  • More Community – More opportunities to collaborate & support each other, including from tablets & smart phones and the Facebook fanpage

FASD Elephant™ Podcast Relaunch

I made this short podcast to test out new equipment and re-familiarize myself with the process. It’s barely three minutes long, so you can test out your “equipment,” too. Just press the play icon in the player right below this paragraph to listen right from your computer OR mobile device. If you’ve got a minute, let me know how it works for you, at the contact page.

The first two podcasts episodes of 2014 will be from the MOFAS FASD Matters Conference (November 2013 in Minneapolis, MN):

  1. An interview with author and educator Jody Allen Crowe, whose most recent terrific idea and activity is putting pregnancy tests in bar restrooms
  2. An interview with author Kenneth Moore and his wife Amanda Dion-Moore, a newly married couple who both have FASD and write about Kenneth’s journey

FASD Elephant™ Blogging

I’ve had fun experimenting with the blogging so far. Some posts are short and quick, while others are more in depth or thought pieces. Some are already written and in the queue, some are getting edited, and some are still in development.

I’ll aim to have one per month, and some of them will be the basis for upcoming books on FASD I’m writing. (It hasn’t been passed around too much yet, but the FASD Sandwich™ is one of those.) Please let me know if you have ideas or questions for blog topics.

FASD Elephant™ Resources

Starting this goal off with self-care resources, and over time I’ll add in website & blog lists, review other products and books relevant to FASD, and also provide consultation and training opportunities. These will also be highlighted, or at least mentioned, in an occasional blog post.

The first two products listed for the relaunch are the Wild Divine for relaxation and self-care, and Mobicip to create a safe, secure internet for your family (and especially protect your child with FASD from unwanted internet information).

FASD Elephant™ Community

The fourth relaunch goal is to start bringing together more internet community engagement to support and prevent FASD. The FASD Elephant™ Facebook Fanpage at Facebook.com/FASDWheel is the great place to start. Please check it out and “Like” the page, and you can connect with other FASD fanpages, too.

Join the Mailing List!

Fill out the orange sign-up box and join my mailing list! After signing up, you’ll get download instructions for a free brochure on FASD & Suicidality. Then, get free FASD News, tips, thought pieces and more on a semi-monthly basis. (And, unsubscribe easily at any time.)

Thanks folks!

Stay tuned for regular updates and more, and have a great new year!

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