FASD and Praise (Part 1 of 4) – The Correct Way to Praise

FASD and Praise: The Correct Way to Praise FASD and Praise can be a real challenge for about 70% of kids with FASD. Here’s a quick introduction on re-orienting how you can praise a child with FASD or developmental trauma and minimize the arguments, rejection and melt-downs. It’s the basis or foundation for building self-esteem, … Read more

A Memorable Memorial Mowing Day

I can feel my frustration building… Here comes a wasted Saturday afternoon. After finally getting the energy up to mow my lawn, then dragging the mower out of a storage shed and getting fuel, I found the mower’s rip cord was jammed and wouldn’t loosen even a little bit. I go inside complaining… Should I … Read more

FASD Elephant™ Podcast #019: Assessing Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Have you ever wondered how prenatal alcohol exposure is determined or assessed? It’s the only cause of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and one of the four prongs of the FASD diagnosis, but mostly it’s covered briefly in discussions or dryly in diagnostic books. A Facebook community member recently talked to me … Read more

A Clever Intervention for FASD Anger Management

FASD Anger Management? Seems like more than a few caregivers have asked about anger management for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) lately, and frankly it’s a daunting subject to blog about. Sometimes techniques just work a few times (if at all), or they’re designed for an age too young or too old, or they’re too … Read more

FASD Elephant™ Podcast #018: “I Am Why… FASD Matters”

“I Am Why… FASD Matters” – Awareness, Advocacy, and Prevention Hi and welcome to the March FASD Elephant Podcast!On March 24, 2014, MOFAS sponsored an FASD Matters Rally Day at the MN State Capitol to raise awareness of FASD, provide education and statistics about FASD to lawmakers, and kick off the MOFAS FASD Prevention Awareness … Read more

FASD Elephant™ #017: Interview with Author Kenneth Moore

Conversation with Author Kenneth Moore and Amanda Dion-Moore In our recent FASD book survey, many people mentioned the lack of information and services for adults living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and there’s no doubt they’re correct. So it’s always great to learn about FASD success stories of people who are making it, and … Read more

FASD Book Release Announcement

Two Announcements! FASD Book Release Sign-up Do you remember the last time you wished for more FASD books? Yep, me too. Since committing last month to finish my half-written FASD books, chapters and articles, I’ve got the top five FASD topics and I’m buckling down to get these completed and published this year. “What are … Read more

FASD Elephant™ #016: Interview with Jody Allen Crowe – Healthy Brains for Children

Starting the Podcast Relaunch with Jody Allen Crowe The 2013 FASD Matters Conference in November was a terrific experience! I met a lot of great new folks in the FASD community, and visited with old friends and acquaintances from over the years, too. One busy and interesting fellow I was finally able to meet and interview … Read more

I’M WRITING A BOOK SERIES ON FASD-Tell Me What Kind of FASD Books You’ve Always Wished You Had…

For the new year, I’ve challenged myself to quit “fiddling around” and finish writing those books about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. And I need your feedback on exactly what kinds of FASD books and topics to create. I’ve spent this month so far gearing up on the process of publishing, developing FASD topics & chapters … Read more