I’M WRITING A BOOK SERIES ON FASD-Tell Me What Kind of FASD Books You’ve Always Wished You Had…

For the new year, I’ve challenged myself to quit “fiddling around” and finish writing those books about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

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And I need your feedback on exactly what kinds of FASD books and topics to create.

I’ve spent this month so far gearing up on the process of publishing, developing FASD topics & chapters titles & blog articles, and identifying gaps in the literature to fill. Topics range from informational, to thought pieces, to practical intervention know-how.

You get to guide me in what choices to write about. Click Here for the FASD Book Topic Survey.

Will you help me out with a quick survey?

Tell me what topics to write about, what book or chapter titles you wish existed, and what you think are the priorities needed for FASD. It can be at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level.

I’ve started things out with six ideas, and you can write in other ideas if there’s something on your mind.

There’s random prizes, too! I’ll randomly choose five people who complete the survey and sign up on my newsletter list for a $5 gift card to Starbucks or a coffee mug if you live someplace that doesn’t have a Starbucks.

PS/For anybody interested in reading and reviewing FASD book chapters and topics, there’s a spot on the survey to sign up for that. I’d really like to know what new and experienced folks think and what their suggestions are. Thanks!

Also, if you don’t mind… I want to get the opinion of as many people as possible. So, would you please tweet, share and otherwise spread the word about this post and the survey?

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