Upcoming FASD Trainings and Presentations

FASD Training, Workshops, and Support

Michael is a child psychologist and a foster parent. He’s been where you are and he knows how hard it can be.

He breaks psycho-babble down into something understandable and relatable, gives practical advice that you can start using right away, and gives humorous, real-life examples that entertain and teach.

Michael has presented to and trained professionals and laypersons on FASD since 2001. You can learn from him via the podcast, the Praise for Change ebook on Amazon, or the best way: Live and in person.

Check it out below! Michael is available for speaking at conferences and FASD workshops, training agency staff, and consulting on issues related to FASD (no forensic work at this time). Michael is also able to customize and tailor trainings to your specific needs. Contact him via the “Contact Michael” page to discuss availability and booking fees.

Psychologist, Foster Parent, Trainer, Speaker Michael Harris providing FASD training to the faculty of Anishinabe Academy.
Michael providing FASD training to the faculty of Anishinabe Academy (Minneapolis).

Speaking and FASD Workshop Topics

Various speeches, presentations, workshops and trainings are available for audiences small to large, general overviews to specific trainings geared to your needs, and in-person to online. Contact Michael for a free consultation to see if a training is right for you. If your agency is a non-profit, a school, or a Tribal/First Nations agency, ask about the courtesy training discount.

Keynote Speeches (30-60 minutes)

  • Praise for Change™ Overview
  • FASD: It’s All In Your Head
  • Getting Back to Ready™ – School functioning and Self-Regulation
  • Understanding & Treating Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs)

Presentations (90 minutes)

  • The FASD Wheel™ Overview
  • The Seven Worst Mistakes to Make with FASD
  • FASD Medicine™
  • Praise for Change™
  • FASD Caregiver Bill of Rights

Half-Day Workshop (three hours)

  • The FASD Wheel™ – “Normal” and FASD Brain Functioning
  • The FASD Wheel™ and Practical Applications
  • Praise for Change™ – Gaining Compliance and Building Self-Esteem

Full Day Workshops (six-seven hours)

  • The FASD Wheel™ and Intensive Applications

Customized trainings are available at any of the above levels and can be determined based on client needs. Other training topics related to understanding FASD or trauma-informed care (including the informational background as well as interventions) can be developed for your specific need. Contact Michael for a free consultation about your training needs.

Remember, FASD Training is one of Jeff Noble’s Four Pillars of Success for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Without proper and current information and guidance, your parenting or professional services for those with FASD could be missing the mark. Wherever you choose to get training, please stay up-to-date!

FASD Consultation

FASD Teleseminar / FASD Webinar Consultation Groups

  • Beginning Winter 2020, Michael Harris will be offering FASD and parenting consultation groups by phone (teleseminar) specifically for parents, foster parents, and adoptive parents of children with FASD and similar conditions. Other interested individuals may also participate as space allows.
  • Michael will also be offering a 14-Day Parenting Goal Challenge, designed from his experience as a foster dad, to focus on goals that are attainable and will actually help. Once the New Years Resolution hype dies down, we will offer this course in mid to late January 2020, to help you get on track. You make goals to lose weight for better health. Why not make some parenting goals to improve your chances of a better year?
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