FASD and Praise (Part 1 of 4) – The Correct Way to Praise

FASD and Praise: The Correct Way to Praise

FASD and Praise can be a real challenge for about 70% of kids with FASD. Here’s a quick introduction on re-orienting how you can praise a child with FASD or developmental trauma and minimize the arguments, rejection and melt-downs.

It’s the basis or foundation for building self-esteem, which is the building blocks to increased compliance and motivation. The whole process takes time, but you’ll be able to see improvements in accepting praise pretty quickly.

This is the first video of a four-part series on FASD and Praise, which I will be pulling together into a program or curriculum form for caregivers to use and professionals to refer to.

#FASD and Praise (Part 1): The Correct Way to PraisePraise can be hard for those with FASD and other trauma, because trauma lowers self-esteem and makes normal praise sound scary, false, or even mean. But if we want the good outcomes of praise (i.e., to build relationships, reinforce good behaviors, and build self-esteem), what do we do if it's always backfiring?Watch the video to find out how to give praise properly, and then comment on how it worked for you.(Hint: Make it neutral and make it not about you 🙂 )Any response is ok, because it will guide you further in the next video: FASD Responses to Praise

Posted by The FASD Wheel (Fetal Alcohol news & tips) on Friday, September 26, 2014

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