FASD Elephant™ Special Article #002: FASD Evaluation Preparation Checklist

Sorry folks, but I have laryngitis this week. Tune in next Wednesday for the next installment of the FASD Elephant Podcast.

In the meantime, I found an interesting website from Germany that has an animated FAS Facial Feature program, in which you can manipulate the various FAS Facial Features and visually compare them to an unaffected face. The program also allows for other facial features that are sometimes common to FASD, but not diagnostic.

The website link is: http://www.fasworld.de/index.htm, and the main website (mostly in German) is http://www.fasworld.de (look for the “Baby Face Animation” link toward the bottom of the page). [Note from Michael, October 2013 – This valuable website is no longer active. Hopefully, somebody will be able to reinstall it….]

Also, I am sending though a PDF File of the FASD Evaluation Checklist discussed in last week’s podcast #009 (September 19, 2007). Click on the checklist icon to download your free copy.

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