FASD Elephant™ Bonus Track 03: KTOO Interview with Morgan Fawcett, Flute Player

Today’s podcast is an interview conducted by KTOO of Juneau, Alaska (U.S.) with Morgan Fawcett. Morgan is a 15 year old Native flute player who also happens to have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. He describes it this way, “When I play the flute, it lowers my blood pressure and eases stress away. With fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, you could be ADHD, but instead of being on Ritalin, I play the flute.”

This seemed like a great way to introduce FASD interventions, since Morgan discovered this intervention for himself on his own. Morgan also writes flute songs and has a CD of his songs that he sells at concerts and gatherings. Unfortunately, I do not have an official way for people to contact Morgan or his grandparents to purchase a CD at this time, but I will post it as soon as I get it, because he donates half the proceeds to charities that support individuals with FASD. He is developing a website at http://morganfawcett.vpweb.com.

In the meantime, you can check him and his music out with this link to The World online news site for Oregon: http://www.theworldlink.com/multi_slide/morgan_music/

Because of my travel schedule with the U.S. holidays, this will be the only podcast for November. I will aim to have one in December, or perhaps send out a PDF update, but we’ll get back on schedule for sure in January. I have an Occupational Therapist friend of mine lined up to talk about sensory interventions for FASD.

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