FASD Elephant™ #015: #FASD and Suicide

This podcast episode is an excerpt of my part speaking on a panel titled “FASD and Suicide” at the 2011 IHS/BIA/BIE/SAMHSA Action Summit for Suicide Prevention held in Scottsdale, AZ.

Michael Harris, Morgan Fawcett, Suzie Kuerschner, Kathryn Kelly, & Albert Allick, M.D. ‎

I was a panel member, along with my friend Morgan Fawcett, the musician and speaker. I was pleased to meet Kay Kelly, director of the FASD Legal Issues Resource Center at the University of Washington; Suzie Kuerschner, FASD Project Specialist the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and does work in Canada too; and Dr. Albert Allick, the IHS psychiatrist for the Red Lake Nation here in northern Minnesota. Each panelist spoke, but I’ve only asked Morgan for permission about posting his part (he said yes).

FASD and Suicide Podcast Notes

Here is the basic outline to my talk on the podcast:

  1. Be Aware Of Suicide Signs in Self and Others
  2. Be Connected to Self & Others
  3. Be Settled to connect to Self and Others
  4. Be Safe with Self and Others

The power point slides are available for free download if you sign up for my newsletter.

There are also two articles on FASD and suicide:
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and suicidality in a healthcare setting, by M.R. Baldwin
Suicide attempts among adults with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: clinical considerations, by J.E. Huggins, T. Grant, K. O’Malley, A.P. Streissguth

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~Michael Harris

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