FASD Elephant™ #005: The Ten Brain Domains

The Fetal Alcohol Diagnostic Program (FADP), in Duluth, MN, spearheaded by the Executive Director, Jeanette Lang, and her crack team, has developed the Ten Brain Domains, which provides clear definitions of brain dysfunction, specifies empirical data needed for accurate diagnosis, and defines intervention considerations that address the complex nature of FASD. The Ten Brain Domains include functional skills in the following areas:

  1. Achievement,
  2. Adaptive behavior,
  3. Attention,
  4. Cognition,
  5. Executive functioning,
  6. Language,
  7. Memory,
  8. Motor skills,
  9. Sensory integration and soft neurological problems, and
  10. Social communication.

These domains are reviewed in the podcast and will be further expanded upon in future podcasts.

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