FASD Book Release Announcement

Two Announcements!

FASD Book Release Sign-up

Two wooden elephants and one book are on a black mirror

Do you remember the last time you wished for more FASD books? Yep, me too.

Since committing last month to finish my half-written FASD books, chapters and articles, I’ve got the top five FASD topics and I’m buckling down to get these completed and published this year.

“What are the topics? When are they available,” you may ask? Well, check out the New FASD Books page

Watch the quick video explaining it all on the New FASD Books page, then sign up for New FASD Book release info emails—upcoming book topics, release dates, where to buy them, opinion surveys, an optional opportunity to review all my new material, and even some pre-release articles.

By the way, this will be a different email list than the regular FASD Elephant newsletter, but there will be an announcement about it in the next newsletter edition, too.

If you’re interested—and I hope you are—here’s the link again: New FASD Books

FASD Book Survey Winners

A big THANK YOU to everybody who shared their opinion on what FASD Books we need. The survey will remain open in case you missed it. Click here: FASD Book Survey

And, a big CONGRATULATIONS to the randomly selected winners!:

  1. Lisa R
  2. Jessie V
  3. Richard P
  4. Barb C
  5. Heather B
  6. Nicole B

(I will send the prizes out this week!!! THANKS!!)

Congratulations, FASD Book Release Survey Winners

Remember the last time you needed more FASD Books? If your FASD Bookshelf is too bare, sign up for FASD Book Release Announcements. It won’t be long now…

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